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Please note in order to use this site effectively you will need to access it via either 'Internet Explorer' or 'Mozilla Firefox' web browsers. If you are not currently operating with either of these systems they are easily downloaded from the internet. Should you encounter any difficulties please use the contact details given throughout the INFORM site.

The Early Learning and Childcare Service (ELCS) have been looking at ways in which we can work more effectively and efficiently, saving on time and money whilst ensuring we still provide the best possible service to Leicestershire’s early years providers. Having listened to your suggestions and taken on board feedback from you all, we believe we can make a significant difference to you in terms of the time you invest in sharing your data with us, simply by completing forms online.

As one of Leicestershire’s providers, you will be given your own secure login, allowing you to have access to individual ‘questionnaires’. These will replace the current green headcount forms / white roll reports and blue mid term forms.

Each provider will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions surrounding the security measures attached to using electronic communications. Once accepted you will have access to all current and relevant questionnaires which you are required to complete.

The system is designed to be user friendly and has a number of administration functions which will help insure the information you submit is accurate. For example you will not be able to submit an incomplete form; you will always be redirected to incomplete questions. There are also a number of ‘help’ icons which will clearly state what information is needed.

Once the questionnaire is submitted you will not be able to re-submit the questionnaire. If you have concerns about the information supplied you should contact the INFORM helpline on: 0116 305 5788 where a member of the INFORM team will be able to advise you. You can also contact our INFORM team via email at inform@leics.gov.uk if you have any queries.

Security of the data you provide is absolutely vital. The following measures have been put in place by the ELCS to ensure your data is protected:

Secure internet site for transfer of data
Access to site monitored through the distribution of specific logins / passwords
Fully trained experienced staff handling the data
Adherence to the data protection act by all members of the service

In accordance with data protection the ELCS request the following from early years providers:

Ensure that logins and passwords remain confidential and are only given to relevant members of staff
Ensure that the questionnaires are completed in an appropriate environment taking into account the sensitivity of the data
Ensure that any data saved electronically is done so securely – including the use of password protection
Do not store sensitive data centrally
Monitor use / access to IT equipment

Prior to gaining full access to the available questionnaires you will be requested to accept the Terms and Conditions associated with the use of this secure internet site. This page simply establishes responsibility for the data and reinforces the need to adhere to the data protection act at all times

We believe that this system will be less time consuming for early years providers but we value your feedback, as this can only make the system better. Please take the time to feedback your comments.

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